Shadowhawk X800  
  Why the Shadowhawk x800 Flashlight is the Best Flashlight for Everyone 07/18/2019 9:08am (UTC)

When it comes to more high end flashlights, you might not always think about buying the Shadowhawk x800 flashlight. After all, with a starting price point of over $50, it is a little bit higher than the regular flashlight you can pick up at a hardware store.

When you look at all the features of the Shadowhawk x800 flashlight, however, you will realize quickly it is the perfect unit for not just you, but just about everyone.

Incredible power and zoom -- It does not matter if you need to use your Shadowhawk x800 flashlight at a low power or a high one, it has so many settings you can use it in any situation.

Add in that you can actually zoom the beam into what you need to look at from a 1x magnification all the way up to a 200x magnification, you will realize quickly how much you will be able to see.

Durability -- Another great thing about the Shadowhawk x800 flashlight is its incredible durability. So whether you are an outdoorsman wanting to use it in extreme conditions, or a teenager playing with it in your back yard, the flashlight will be incredibly durable and last you for years.

Style -- Not only is it a high quality and durable piece of equipment, the shadowhawk x800 flashlight also looks incredibly cool. It is black, sleek, small and fits in a pocket, yet what it can do is really unbelievable, especially for the price.

The low price -- For just over $50, you get an incredible flashlight that can be used anywhere, will last you for years, does so many things a normal flashlight does not, and yet really is not that expensive. Why not buy one today to see how great it really is? 

  Shadowhawk X800
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